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Leading Yourself Well


Leading Yourself Well will start in February 2022


Discover how becoming a better leader of yourself can help you become a better leader of others.

What would happen if you added clarity to you and your leadership? Imagine what would happen if clarity helped you to build greater resilience to your leadership? What if these could increase your effectiveness as a leader?


Whether you are 19 like I was when I was given my first leadership opportunity, or in your 50’s like I am now, clarity about our leadership and who we are can help us lead ourselves well, which in turn, can have a positive influence on how we lead others. And who doesn’t want that?


Are you ready to discover what it takes to lead yourself well? Then you are in the right place.


What's included:

+ 7 Online Leadership Sessions hosted by Julian Clark of The 19 Project
+ Resource & exercises related to the topics discussed

+ Access to exclusive articles & resource
+ One coaching call

+ Replay of session



One-off payment £100

There will also be an option to include additional coaching calls and to explore how emotional intelligence plays a key role in how we lead by completing an EQi 2.0 assessment, which provides an emotional intelligence report & additional EQi coaching calls.

(Costs on request)

Check out our FAQs for more details