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About The 19 Project

I was 19 when a couple in the Church I was attending saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself and asked me to lead the Youth Group. This would be the start of my leadership journey. Now, 30+  years later and I am still leading and my passion is to help those just starting out on their very own leadership journey. 

Leadership isn't always easy. It can be the most exciting of adventures and the most challenging too. The key is to learn how to keep going, to keep moving forward and to not give up.

The heart of The 19 Project is to raise and resource the next generation of young leaders. We want to help you to be the best young leader you can be now and still be leading in 30 years time, in whatever sphere of life you may find yourself. This is the commitment to be a life long leader, a person of influence, and as a Christian leader, representing God in the very best ways possible.

Have a good look at how we can help you. Resource, articles, books, Future Leaders Days & our leadership webinar plans too. everything is about helping you grow, learn, equip & lead!!

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