Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Future Leaders Programme?

The Future Leaders Programme is a simple and accessible set of leadership webinars, all foused on helping you grow as a leader. 6 webinars, 6 guests, 6 topics of conversation and if you want, 6 coaching calls as well. All the sessions will be interactive and there will always be the opportunity to ask questions and be involved as much as you want. There is no set curriculum or homework as part of the Future Leaders Programme, although everyone will be encouraged to complete the Reflective Study & Action Statements

Who is the Future Leaders Programme for?

The 19 Project is focused on raising and resourcing young leaders, so if you are aged between 16-30 then the Future Leaders Programme is primarily for you. However, anyone of any age can subscribe. After all, the leadership webinars are all about helping us grow as leaders and the topics of conversation will be beneficial for all leaders, of any age, no matter how long you have been leading.

How do I enrol?

Check out the Future Leaders Programme page. When released, information about all the plans & pricing options will be there for you. Choose either of the plans & decide whether you are paying monthly or with a one-off payment.

How long does the Future Leaders Programme last?

There will 6 leadership webinars. Dates for these are yet to be confirmed

What happens at the end of the Future Leaders Programme?

The 6th leadership webinar will see the finish of the Future Leaders Programme. The Future Leaders Day you will have free registration for will be hosted at a date to be confirmed. You can choose to re-enrol for the next set, with different guests and topics.

What does the Future Leaders Programme include?

Each option offers these same components: 6 x leadership webinar conversations around a specific leadership topic. This will be hosted by The 19 Project and all wil have a guest leader from around the UK & Europe You will receive an email with a replay of the leadership webinar so you never miss out if you couldn't watch live, plus any links to additional resource mentioned during the conversation. Reflective Study & Action Statements. These will provide you with opportunity to think about and respond to what you heard by answering some simple questions and setting yourself some actions. You will receive free registration to the next Future Leaders Day. Details will be forwarded to you nearer the event. Access to Exclusive Articles & Blog posts. The FLP Webinar + Coaching Option offers the addition of 6 coaching calls, one in between each leadership webinar, with Julian Clark, The 19 Project founder. These provide an opportunity for a 45 minute coaching conversation, foused on the topic discussed. Coaching provides focus and accountability to the actions you choose to put into place. You decide which option best suits you. FLP Webinar Option includes:
6 x Leadership Webinars Webinar Replay & associated resource Reflective Study & Action Statement Free registration to the next Future Leaders Day FLP Webinar + Coaching Option includes: All of the above 6 x Coaching Call (approx 45mins) There are limited coaching spaces available *Terms & conditions do apply

What are the leadership conversations & who are they with?

The Future Leaders Programme is not a set curriculum. Different topics will be covered within each set of 6 leadership webinars. The next set of 6 webinars is yet to be confirmed. More details will be released later in the year.

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