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  • What is Leading Yourself Well?
    Leading Yourself Well is a simple and accessible set of leadership online sessions, all focused on helping you become a better leader of yourself. All the sessions will be interactive and there will always be the opportunity to ask questions. The exercises included within the programme are all designed to help you become a better leader of yourself which can help you become a better leader of others.
  • Who is Leading Yourself Well for?
    The 19 Project is focused on raising and resourcing young leaders, so if you are aged between 16-30 then Leading Yourself Well is primarily for you. However, anyone of any age will benefit from this teaching. After all, leading yourself well is true whether you have been leading for a few days or for over 30 years like me.
  • What does Leading Yourself Well include?
    7 x online leadership sessions, hosted by Julian Clark, of The 19 Project 1 x one-hour coaching call at the mid-point of the Programme All exercises and resource related to topics being discussed Session replay with associated resource Access to any additional blog posts *Terms & conditions do apply
  • What makes up Leading Yourself Well?
    Leading Yourself Well is focused on making you a better leader of yourself, in the belief that leading yourself well makes you a better leader of others. Through the following 7 online sessions you will unpack and discover the power of 5 building blocks which can help you lead yourself better. Session 1: Leading Yourself Well - What it means & where to start? - The power of consistency - Your leadership declaration Session 2: Unlock the Power of Core Values - What's your Yes / No story - Discover your true value - The mis-adventure of comparison - The multiplication impact Session 3: Flourish within the Right Boundaries - Greatness v Brokenness - Limits on - Limits off - The circles of God's calling - What story do you want your life to tell? Session 4: The Gift of Self-Awareness - Becoming the leader everyone wants to follow - This is me is not enough - Bring out your best - The power of emotional awareness Session 5: The Right People Can Make All the Difference - What do the people in your life bring to the table? - The 3 people everyone needs - Level 5 friendships Session 6: Become an Intuitive Leader - Be the best follower first - Gut speak v God speak - Hearing from God - The power of patience There will be an exercise to complete for each of the 5 building blocks to further help you lead yourself well
  • How do I enrol?
    Check out the Leading Yourself Well page. Information about the programme & pricing options can be found there. Choose a payment option. The first online session is at 7pm on Monday 21st February 2022
  • How long does Leading Yourself Well last?
    There will 7 online sessions each lasting 75 minutes. All online sessions will be at 7pm on a Monday Dates are still to be confirmed

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