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Steps We Can Take

Someone helped you make your start as a leader. They saw something in you that you probably didn't see in yourself. More than that, they made space for you to have a go too.

Now we take the steps of leadership.

Steps which will help us lead well.

Steps which will help us lead better.

Steps which will help us lead over the long haul.

Isn't this what leadership really is, one step at a time. We can't get too fixated on what our leadership might look like in 10 years time, but we can give our full attention to what is happening in our leadership in the here and now. Just take it one step at a time.

4 steps we can take as leaders to help others take steps as leaders:

Help them say 'Yes!'

As we said yesterday, some did this for you. Opportunity is always there. Often people just need that little bit of encouragement to give it a go. Tell them they can do this. You believe in them

Encourage them in their faith

Leadership is all about steps of courage and faith. We are followers first, followers of Jesus first. The steps we take in our faith will shape and influence how we lead now and in the future. Show them what it looks like to be a good follower of your Saviour

Share your mistake stories more than you success ones

Success can be intimidating. When we only tell stories of success, about the big, and the great achievements, we may just be encouraging new leaders to give up before they have even started. Instead, share your mistake stories. Be honest. Be vulnerable. Tell them your story of messing up but keeping going despite the mistakes.

Invest in their growth & learning

We can all pass on something which has helped us to someone else. Be a coach and a mentor to a younger leader in your world. Invest them so they can take the next step as a leader.

What other steps can we take to help others take steps as a leader?

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