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Confront Me

Leaders don't go looking for a fight. No one wants to be led by someone they know is always looking to find fault, seemingly loves an argument and behaves like a bully.

However, good leaders are ready to face up to and deal with a difficulty, take necessary action and work situations out with others in the appropriate manner. In fact, great leaders are on the lookout for those kind of things before they happen, those things which may cause trouble in the future and then don't shy away from the awkward conversations which may be attached to them.

The call from my leaders, way back when I was about twenty, asking for a conversation centred on some of my lifestyle choices, was extremely uncomfortable. Mostly because it was true.

But, here's an important reminder:

Confrontation is often what we require in preparation for the next phase of our leadership

We probably do everything we can to avoid any kind of confrontation, and that's a good thing. The easiest way to do this is to not do anything wrong or make any mistakes, but in reality, this is not going to happen. You will mess up. You will make mistakes. You will get caught up with the wrong people, do stuff you know you shouldn't, live out unhelpful habits, and make weird choices along the way.

So, maybe we should desire confrontation more than we do. Not that we go looking for it, but rather that we are more accepting of it. The right kind of confrontation at the right time by the right person may not only save our leadership, it may just save our life.

10 Things to Introduce Sweet Confrontation:

Find a leader(s) you trust and give them permission to confront.

Literally say these words to them ~ 'Confront Me'.

Welcome their keeping an eye on your life.

Know that a good confronter sees where you are heading, and if it's not looking good, they will step in and tell you to 'Stop!'

They won't confront to embarrass, they will confront because they love you.

A good confronting leader is doing so to protect you from yourself.

A good confronting leader is also doing so to protect the plans and purposes of God on your life. They don't want you to wreck your destiny!

Confrontation is usually less about competency, what you can do, and more about character, who you are as a person.

When confronted, listen, don't defend.

Respond with humility, and then make things right quickly and deal with any consequences.

How has confrontation played a good part in your leadership development?

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