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Where’s the Challenge?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Leadership means challenge. Which means we have to become a leader who embraces the challenge and do so for all the benefits it will brings to us.

When we start out everything is a challenge. We find ourselves doing things we have never done before. And we tackle this new challenge with gusto. After all, we want things to work. So, we pay attention to the detail and focus all of our energies into making what we are leading the success we want it to be.

But then...time goes by. We become familiar with the leadership of what we are leading and we edge towards the dangers familiarity can bring.

In some sense, we can argue that this is not wrong. Familiarity is surely a good thing. It means our leadership competencies are expanding, and that must be a good thing. However, over-familiarity is not good.

Over-familiarity can lead to comfort which can lead to stagnation which basically means we've got stuck. It can cause us to become lazy and lean towards a 'that'll do' mentality.

And none of these are a good thing.

Challenge brings change. Change to our thinking, to our focus, to our behaviours. This is the kind of challenge we need on a regular basis because the pressure challenge brings is a good thing.

Challenge causes us to lean on God more. Jesus challenges us every day we walk with Him. To live differently. To trust differently. To believe differently. In doing so, we grow and mature, as Christians first, then as people and as leaders.

Challenge helps us to discover new things about ourselves. We discover things we didn't know that we need to know. New ways to respond to people, to solve problems and to work our purpose.

Here are somethings you could do:

Find some fresh challenge and embrace that challenge

Write something down and commit to making it happen

Take a risk

Say yes to something which scares you (just a little bit)

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

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