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Leadership is about People

Those you lead.

Those you lead with.

Those who lead you.

Everyone else.

Teams, friends and mentors. These are the people we need in our world, each bringing their own contribution which can help us in our leading but more importantly, they are the people we get to do life with.

As leaders, we are in the people business. They are our bread and butter, our lifeblood, and our energy. No people, begs the question, are you really a leader? People are what make leadership the exciting adventure it can be. Paradoxically, people are what make leadership the ugliest of frustrations too.

Leadership is not about a title or being in charge. If we believe that then we put limits on our leadership potential. It’s about so much more than that. It’s about care, consideration and commitment. So, whether you think you’re a people person or not, you better start work at becoming one.

And here's how:

Show them how much you care by the way you listen, appreciate, work with and serve them. As John Maxwell so eloquently says ‘No one cares how much you know until they know how much you car‘. Show them some consideration in how willing you are to give way to their ideas, to honour their contribution and to not push them to breaking point in the pursuit of any success.

Show them some commitment when you keep your word by doing what you say you will do, by backing them even when they make a mistake, and invest in their futures, helping them achieve their dreams. How are you with people? Where do you need to improve?

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