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Lead Well: Do the Right Things

I’m focused on how I can level up my leadership this year & how The 19 Project can help you to do the same. I’m focused on how I can level up my leadership this year & how The 19 Project can help you to do the same. I believe we can level up our leadership by consistently doing the right things, in the right way, over a long period of time. Such intention and actions can produce the right kind of success.

Right thing


right way


right time


right kind of success

The challenge is to know what are the right things you should be doing. I’m sure if you googled ‘what are the right things a leader should do?’ you would be able to create a very long list.

Stop now! Why don’t you make your own list?

My 3 Things

There are 3 things I would suggest above all others. 3 things I am determined to do right, in the right way, over time, to bring the right kind of success. The kind of success which God can desires to produce in us.




Probably not what you thought I’d suggest. They are not very 'leadershippy'.

I name these 3 things to be accountable to you. In all honesty, I am good at these and then again, I am not good at these. The health of all my other relationships are influenced by the health of my relationship with God, which I believe is influenced by the health or otherwise of these 3 things.

Jesus got up early, to find a place of solitude, to pray. He could only do what His heavenly Father told Him and the same is true for us. Find the right time to spend time in conversation with God. Seek Him first. Set the right priority and know God better.

Jesus had rest. Not just the ability to sleep in a storm, although a good night's sleep is essential. It's about more than that. He had a peace about the plan and purpose for which he had come. He rested in the unfolding of those plans and purposes. He wasn't stressed or worried and encourages us to not be stressed or worried either.

Jesus invites us into way of doing a life, a rhythm for life. To walk with him and work with him. To be ambitious and forward-looking, yet not driven in pursuit of the wrong kind of success. To experience life in all its fullness while not being conformed to the culture of the world we live in.

If they were good enough for Jesus then they are perfectly good enough for us. Despite them not being on any list of key skills for a leader to develop, we are not just any leader. We are Christian leaders and our way of doing life stands apart to how others do life.

Let's commit to do these right things, in the right way, at the right time, trusting God to then create the right kind success for us.

Reflect: What are your thoughts about these 3 things?

How would you help someone do these 3 things well?

If you were to suggest anything different, what would you suggest?

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