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All Leaders Have to Start Somewhere

Maybe you've done this, looked at a leader and thought to yourself, I could do what they do. Easy. And, to be honest, maybe you could.

The problem is they make it look easy and there is good reason for that ~ the journey they have been on to get to them where they are now. We can be frustrated that we are not where others are but need to remember, all leaders have to start somewhere, even those great ones we admire.

Do not despise the day of your small beginning. My first leadership opportunity was given to me by a couple in the church when they asked me to lead the Youth Group. Learn to be faithful and work at being fruitful in it, and start moving forwards on your own leadership journey. The destination will be worked out for you.

Here are 5 ways for you to start well:

Say Yes ~ leadership is influence and there is always opportunity to influence, so when you are asked, just give it a go

Trust the leaders who asked you to lead ~ they saw something in you that you may not have seen in yourself. They believe in you and have a confidence in your ability to do what they have asked you to do

Ask questions ~ the best leaders are inquisitive, and want to learn, so be ready to ask questions of other leaders and of yourself as you experience leadership every day

Rely completely on God, He's got you - He is the best one to trust along the way

Take Time to reflect on all that is going on ~ the good, the bad & the ugly and how you can do things even better next time

Where did you start your leadership journey?

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