Raising and resourcing the next generation of leaders


Hello, my name is Julian Clark and I am the founder of The 19 Project.

The 19 Project represents my heart, and has come from my book '19', a leadership resource based around the idea of what someone involved in leadership for a number of years, may tell their younger selves.

The 19 Project is all about raising and resourcing young leaders. This means it is for those with a desire to grow as a leader and also for those wanting to help those leaders to grow. For The 19 Project to work it has to be about partnership and collaboration. Leaders connecting and learning from one another.

With 30 years of experience, gained through multiple leadership and coaching roles, I believe I am well positioned to bring support, advice and encouragement to those on their leadership journey.


Having been part of Xcel Church since 1993 where I am currently the Executive Pastor, I have had the opportunity to help create and design leadership programmes, regularly teach teams, mentor and coach leaders within the church and elsewhere, working as a Learning Mentor in local schools, colleges and Universities and as a qualified Life Coach.


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